How to use this search engine

If you want a particular name from a particular parish you can use 'advanced' and put in both key words. If you have a date in mind you can use wild cards to put in the name plus, say, 16** to get all entries in the 1600s.

Don't bother with Eustice surnames - they are infinitely variable and usually not entered on single pages - unless you want Ustick famlies.

When seeking first names remember to check short forms (eg. Betty, Liz, Eliz and Liza for Elizabeth) spelling variants or other potential abbreviations (Wilmet/ Wellmet; Wm for William or even Jn/Jhon for John; Derrick for Derek). Remember, for example, that Jane and Jenifer can be the same person, as those names are interchangeable. Oliver can also be Olyver, Rebecca / Rebeckah etc. If use wild cards by asking for Ol* you will get all the pages with "old". However, if you ask for Ol*ver you will get both spellings and not the "old" pages.

To save time, the search will exclude all images (photos, maps), the contextual date charts and recipes. You can cruise those through the usual menu bar. It will include people on Hand, Fortune and Killick pages but they are in a small minority.

Once you have selected a page you can use the 'Find' facility on your browser to see all mentions of a given ame or place on that page.

If all else fails, you can try other sources from the documents page.

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