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*22/ 3 / 1866Falmouth* 


William Henry


before 1919

1881 Cs 15 Killigrew St as -ice and stonemason (apprentice??) -ice; when CH born 1897 was carter -ice.

1891 at 2 Budock Terrace

1901 AB has Carter Corporation, 15 Killigrew St. (-ace)

1911 Cs Corporation labourer 15 KS.



James Henry and Mary



Grace Thomas Gilbert

24 /8/1887 Emmanuel Baptist church as 22 year old driver of Killigrew St, Falmouth, son of James Henry (labourer). She 24 of Lanarth House, Falmouth, d of Richard Gilbert (deceased sailor). Both signed.

Witnessed J. Thomas and E. Gilbert.

Note AB has Christina Mitchell as first wife - no details

*1911 Cs aged 48 born Mullion. Also in house were her single sisters Loveday (aged 65) and Eliza (47 housekeeper), both born MullionPE holds copy cert D2
children's names*** ****
Mabel A C 1888 - on 1901 but not 1911 Cs*** Henry Westaway, who already had a daughter Fay1970s? Before 1982.daughter Rencie *
Lillian (= Lilly)circa 1890Falmouth* George Knuckey 1970s?1911 Cs bookbinder and single. Issue D'arcy, Muriel (who in turn had 3 children)


not 1901 Cs

circa 1892 Falmouth Nellie911 Cs Mason's labourer. Issue Mgt, Charles who died Burma war and Cyril. Oral evidence suggest was a gravedigger and buried Falmouth churchyard.  


not 1901 Cs


circa 1894 Falmouth* 


*1911 Cs Apprentice iron ship builder. Moved to Porthleven. Issue Roy and Josephine. Have old entry for Eubert? Joesphine's son Barry in Norwich 1980*
Thomas B. first seen 1901 Cs aged 7  on-line sources suggest June 1894 Thomas Bertie 5c 156 to get original record. Why Bertie then T Bertie??? 
Charles Henry


registered 6/10/97

15 Killigrew St., Falmouth* 

Ellen Louise Mock


2/9/34William Henry was carter at the time.1911 Cs - school and butcher's errand boy.PE holds copy cert as D3