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between1841 and 51
Tin miner and who could sign his name? 1841 Cs Polcoverack Downs as Ag Labourer with son Wllliiam, who could be 4/40/42 (smudged). See also doc D22.

son of

son of Richard and Catherine


Elizabeth Glasson

13/ 8/ 1797 as tinner. He signed but she used X. In presence of Richard, who also signed - father or brother?

buried St Kerverne 18/6/1853 at 85 as from Penhallack.
1851 Cs shows her visiting Gwinnear Downs age 82 and widow of a tinner. With her is Elizabeth aged 10 (grandaughter?) Note an Eliz m 1829 John Harry (sic) in Crowan so this could be visit to son-in-law. Eliz in 1892 will for Mary.
children's names*******

Circumstantial evidence he was single all his life and may be referred to by some of these entries: buried St Kev 14/5/1882 aged 85 as from Pehhallick; 1871 Cs unmarried age 75 servant house of John MInday at Penhallick, St Kev, says born St Kev; 1881 84 house of Jane Harris lodger and pauper (this crossed out and overwritten illegibly) along with Jane's daughter Eliza Catrwell (?) 43 and her daughters Emily J (13) and Robert (12). Jane is a farmer of 15 acres at Trethowan (Trevothen? Trevitithian?) Burial is from Penhallick, where mother Eliz buried from 1853. Dates odd but only other possible for most would be son of Wm and Mary Body? Could be batpised 1801 and born earlier.

Elizabeth12/5/1803CrowanJohn Harry or Harvey 1829? See notes on mother above
Mary27/8/1805 & 12/5/1812Crowan
John23/9/1806Crowan26/10Ann Ward, Crowan, then and Elizabeth Smith, Swansea 1841, moved to Illinois????
Richard 12/1/1809Crowan*Mary, Crowan - moved to St. Keverne, Wales then USA***

1st August


St. Keverne

as Eustis Mary*agricultural labourer, farmer, fisherman.