This information partly from parish registers and partly from Dawna Lund - see her letters esp Jan 24 para 3. See3 D97/8.

Richard b 1809 son of William and Elizabeth m Mary Pascoe Dec 1833 Crowan according to Dawna. I have three strays in St Keverne that may fit q.v.

Richard 1/2//1835 Crowan from parish records. Dawna claims died 1849

William 11/3/1837 Crowan in parish records. Dawna claims born St Stephen but I think this is a confusion with St Keverne. as he lived there with his mother (no father) and Jennifer and John 1841 Cs. Mary is shown then as 25. It would fit that this Richard was in St kerverne as his brother Henry raised a large family there and Wm and Eliz nee Glasson moved there by the 1841 Cs. Their son Wm was also there, so the family could have moved to St Keverne, from which Richard went on to Wales before the 1851 Cs. Died 1892, having m Sarah Staynor.

Jennifer 1839 St. Keverne March 3rd parish records. See above. Died 1927.

John 1842 St. Keverne 11th November. Dawna claims died 1844, which reduces any confusion with the John born 1846 to Henry and Mary of St Keverne q.v.

Mary 1844 Morrison, Wales from Dawna

John 1846 ditto, died 1846.

Ann 1848 ditto died 1893

Peternell 1850 ditto died 1851

Eliz 1852 USA (source Dawna) died 1933

Richard ditto 1854 died 1935

Nellie ditto 1857 died 1894

George 1859 died 1938