baptised or christened date







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*1772 Crowan*



Cambourne 1851? Will proved 1853 with R as mine agent involving £160, Binner Cross. typed copy D83Leedstown Cs 1851 mine agent aged 78**

son of

Richard and Catherine Rodda



Grace Pooley 26/10/1795 Crowan as a miner and signed name

1835, aged 62**
children's names*******

first & middle



if known


Richard22/9/1796Crowan*Ann Barkle/Bartle, Caroline Eva, Grace Phillips - see note below * *
Grace9/2/1800Crowan*Holman 1821 ***




3rd March?

Eliz Gundry 1829 Crowan and moved to Wales*this line leads to Eurwen Mascall - see letters*



CrowanJames Bartle?
William13/6/10CrowanJennifer/Jane Ward?
Henry 7/6/12Crowan
James5/6/14Carsize Common, Crowan, father a miner

Mary and later Eliz?

Dawna argues in letters 1985 that her married Marty Rowe Muffet 28/12/1833 , bpt Mary then married Eliz Syms Floyd 29/8/40 Redruth, lelaving England before 1851 according to father''s will (q.v.) 1841 Cs Cambourne shows him with daughter and second wife if same pair.

daughter Mary Ann 21/2/36 Gwinnear

Mary S/Hugg 29/4/1844, Gwinnear, he signing his name, she a widow nee Taylor. Cert could be read as Hugg but parish records show Shugg, this name being recorded elsewhere in Gwinnear. 1851 Cs age 61 from Breage.


**D 125 copy of cert


This is the Richard who for a long time was assumed to have married Ann Pooley. The origin of this idea seems to be to be an official document on which the wrong name was entered by a descendant and the full history of the error is in Dawna's letters of 1985. But see also D127, showing Ann Pooley wife of Richard Pooley as mother of Richard who died as a miner aged 79 in Wisconsin. D128 poor copy of page in Barkle family bible.

Ann died 1842 aged 44, with Richard as mine agent. Married Caroline Eva 1843 in Camborne and Grace Phillips 1850 Redruth (see certs). Richard died 1851 aged 54, as mine agent of Camborne.

1851 Cs Camborne shows him as copper mine agent with wife Grace and a visitor Grace Eustice, a farmer's wife, aged 28. As she had married only 10 days earlier, and her father was to die on April 10th, 10 days after the census, it is likely that Grace was actually Pooley nee Eustice and gave wrong name in the confusion.

4/10/1842 at Camborne Vean, Ann Eustis aged 44, wife of Richard, mine agent, died of pnemonia. Richard, mine agent aged 54, died there 10/4/1851 of 'Myelitis 6 weeks'. Both cert D126.

Daughter Ann 23/3//1819 Gwinnear??? Grace 18/5/23 m Robert Pooley Redruth 1851; William 26/6/25 m Susan Huthnance 1848 Philliack - sse Cambourne line. Their brother Richard below:

Richard 22/4/1821 Crowan moved to USA 1842 and married Jennifer Carnsew 1845 Galena, Illinois. Owned mining leases but died a pauper.

son William Henry 1846 Wisconsin became civil war veteran and Kansas farmer. Married Anna Williams 1888 Kansas and Sarah Jane Largenrt 1890 Kansas.

son Noah Robert 1901 Kansas married Florence Edna Carlquist 1928

son Robert Lysle 1930 Los Angeles married Donna Joanne Ramelle 1950

daughter Dawn Janeen married Ken Lund and lives in Rimforest, California. Address on file. Since this entry was recorded, Dawna has been very active with further research and is now on line.n Version of a charts dated 1984 is TBC6.