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*1838St. Keverne *


James Henry



1851 and 61 Cs St. Keverne not found. In Falmouth for birth of children 1866-78. In 66, 68, 70 bpts was labourer. By 1872 no parents entered for Constance. 1871 has her with others Smithwick Hill, JH as agricultural labourer aged 32 and Mary as 29 from Penzance -ice. 1881 15 Killigrew St (photo) dock labourer.

1892 sole executioner of mother's will, yet to be seen by PE, and labourer (total £337 12/3d probate granted 10th March 1892 as-ice)

son of

Henry and Mary



Mary Ann Williams 22/5/1866 register office at Falmouth, he 28 and farm labourer from Smethwick Hill, Falmouth and she 26 of Market St, ditto, in presence of Henry -is (farmer) and Edward Williams (carter?). He used X but she signed.

Witnessed Constance Williams and Ernest Bullmore

**PE holds copy cert as D1
children's names*******

William Henry


22/ 3 / 1866 as -aceFalmouth 3/11 -aceGrace Thomas Gilbert 1887*stonemason, carter and driver*

27/9/1868 as -is

Falmouth24/11/68**Cs has this overwritten as Elijah (son) but 1871 Cs haad Eliza daughter, which accords with bpt.*
Thomas22/3/1870 as -aceF29/6***
Constance 27/3/1872 as -aceF24/9****
Edward (James?) circa 1874 ******
Charlescirca 1879(SCH 1878)** ***

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James Henry (1911 Cs 72 years old and and labourer work on town) born Falmouth

m Mary Ann 1911 (1911 Cs 69 and married 45 years)

in 1911 had been married 45 years, with 7 childen alive out of ten who had been born.


1911 Cs aged 41, single labourer

Edith Mary

1911 Cs aged 26, single

1911 Cs they lived at 2 Berkeley Place, Falmouth, with JH's grandson, James Bowden, aged 7. At 6 Berkeley Place, lived:

James Bowden, aged 29, shipbreaker, born Falmouth

m Lilian Vilot aged 28. from Falmouth

Florance (sic) Daisy 6 weeks