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*1/8/1816St. Keverne *




2/ 11/ 82 buried as -is St. Keverne, as of Coverack aged 66

1841 Cs agricultural labourer Polcoverack Downs; 1842 still ag. lab.; was in P Commons 38-45, P Downs 41 & 46; 1844 miner; PC 49-51; PD 59. 1861 Cs Ag labourer P Commons; 1866 farmer on JH's birth cert; 1871 Cs farmer 10 or 11 acres PC; 1874 witnessed wedding of Charles ans signed, (although sons were illiterate ?); 1881 lived nenxt door to Alfred in Coverack, aged 65 and fisherman. Mary then 67 and shown as born St. Kev, although previously shown from Manaccan.


Note not traced 1851 Cs. D71 Will fopr Mary, widow of Henry, proved March 1892 with James Henry Exec. Witnesses William Barker shoemaker of Coverack and James Hendy butcher from Lizard. Total effects shared among family £337.12/3d

son of

William and Elizabeth



Mary Bawden from Manaccan (born c 1814)

note a marriage cert for a Henry and Mary Bawden, a servant from St. Anthony Meneage, on 12/ 8 / 1837 has that Henry as miner of Gwinnear and son of Anthony Eustis. Henry's father a labourer. Probably mis-entry but double check parish record.


She died as a widow Falmouth 1892.

Will for total £337 12/3d probate granted 10th March 1892 to JH as labourer -ice

Copy Mge Cert D22 but reads aas Bawder
children's names*******

James Henry



baptism recorded via Anita "22-Jul 1838 James Henry son of Henry Mary Porthcoverack Commons Labourer James Pascoe Vic"

St Keverne Mary, moved to Falmouth***
Eliza27/12/40see notes for grandmother Eliz visit
Thomas23/11/1842SK18/12/1842Martha Exelby 19/4/1866 *

details on own chart

William 1845SK*Margaret Martin of St Kev , *

details in own chart

JamesSK4/9/18461861 Cs carter aged 14 Trevenwith, home of Henry Ivey. Shows illegible middle name beginning with B, CF notes on James Bowden b.c. 1876. Not in 1871 Cs and Falmouth marriages.
John 1846SK*Beatrice - family in Coverack connected to Canada?details on own chart*
Josiah18/3/1949see note   1871 Cs a Josiah aged 20 is indoor farm servant to Anthony Johns, Treloam and claims born Truro, so different person? In 1892 his likeness left M's will to EM 
Charles1851SK*Mary Jane Tripcorney 1874*details own chartlabourer and farmer 27 acres
Alfred20/1/19561856SK*Mary (1875?) - moved to Coverack*1871 indoor farm servant with parents. 1881 Coverack with parents next door. Mary then shown as 25 born St Kev and 3 children shown. Alfred -is bd StP 3/12/1926 at 71. 1892 in M's will. Children Minnie c1877, Grace c1878, Josiah buried 5/10/81 aged 3 farm labourer
Elizabeth Mary   26/6/1859  1881 Cs as Eliza monthly nurse aged 20 house of Thomas Pascoe Hist??merrissss?? where Wm Pascoe is "imbecile son" 1892 EM in M's will.