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Charles Henry

2/9/34 in Falmouth Hospital, aged 37 of myocardial degeneration, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Was then labourer of 1 Basset St.

Informant Lily Knuckey?? sister 8 Clifton Place Falmouth.

May have been dock labourer. May have been invalided out of navy 1st war and may have sold tea. Played tuba or euphonium, perhaps in Salvation Army and other bands


young ch

ch undated

ch far left

ch undated again

ch in band Cf Falmouth band 1930s D136

Clive holds original of a silver medal awarded to C Eustice for the St Columb Band Contest Basses May 24thy 1924 - photo front and back

street party off Old Hill

PE holds copy cert as D5.

son of

William Henry and Grace



Ellen Louise Mock, Emmanuel Baptist, 21/ 12/ 1919,

when a 22 year old general labourer of 8 Clifton Place, by which time his father, also a labourer, was deceased. She was 23 of 18 Baset St. Falmouth, d of Afred James Mock, a merchant seaman, Both signed, witnessed E.M. Harris and J.H. Mock.

car accident 31/5/1968 aged 72 - went out to buy fish and chips and run over. Cert held D153. Follow Mock link to go back through Somerset and Devon to Gemany 1591.

widowed, second marriage to Charlie (?) Ozard, ex-merchant marine, who kept budgies in a shed, smoked black stick tobacco. He widower from previous marriage and daughter Grace Ozard (1930)?


Ellen and Charlie O

Ellen's mother far right

D154 has a card from Holland to B (sic), an envelope with a Dutch address and photo of a sailor in what could be a Dutch uniform.

PE holds copy of cert as D4
children's names*** ***
Daphne Grace   William James Brenton photo Liskeard Annual Choir outing, with her children David, Pamela plus Rae Eustice and Paul, Whit Monday 1951






Joyce Daymond and children Anita (and Helen.

Divorced 1971.

Jean, who had two children by a previous marriage


Feb 1991 Truroelectronic engineer - navy and then worked Marconi follow link for photo*

Frank Harold Evans


*at one point lived Stonebridge Park near Wembley?? 
Bernard William3/1/30Falmouth*

Rae Jeanette Crombie-Anderson


(see Hands for her tree)

separated 1976, divorced 1981

second marriage Pam 23rd July Sutton registry office.

her second marriage to Fred Long 9th February 1983.

11th April 1992 (registered 14th) Falmouth of Myocardial Infarction. biog attached to his chart*
Stella Lylie***James Ashwin 21/2/1955 Truro*details of children and grandhchildren held by PE as D129/130. Photo from 1950s provided by Nick Langdon (q.v.)*

See Falmouth chart for local history and other locals who may be connected. Note Gylling St, Smithwick Hill and Lower Killigrew St. were all part of the old town, an area of cheap lodgings. This area re-appears with other Falmouth famlies, apparently recent arrivals, who may be cousins etc. Work to be done connecting more recent groups (i.e. last 100 years). Non-conformist records, as usual, need to be searched.

Present adresses stored as D130