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*3rd January 1930Falmouth*


Bernard William



11th April 1992 (registered 14th) Falmouth of Myocardial Infarction. This was the second in a short space, whilst living at I Dunstan Close, Penryn, Post Office Management (retired).

biography and photos

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PE holds copy cert as D6

Funeral address D31

newspaper article D46, related letter D467


son of

Charles Henry





















(1) Rae Jeanette Crombie-Anderson, otherwise Desforges,

Falmouth Baptist church, 5th June 1949

see Hands for her tree

separated 1976, divorced 1981

(2)Pam Burge, previously Brawn, (nee Watson-Alexander 3/9/39) 23rd July 1983 Sutton registry office.



Newport Pagnall


almost immediately served Royal Artillery Hong Kong then returned to Falmouth




chlidren by previous marriage


Copy Mg Cert D23.







Copy divorce papers D24a-d. Biog and photos


Bernard Paul

7th Jan 1950Falmouth*

Marilyn Killick

9th Jan 1971, Worthing


St. Joseph's RC school , Plymouth, etc etc Spring Grove Hounslow, Harrow County, Sussex Uni, Garnett College, Sx again (MA)

Brian James 13 Oct 1952prematurely, at Picquet House, Devonport. taken to Freedom Fields hospital.* Angie Hives*McMillan nursery school, Plymouth at 10s per week each, Blackwell?, Matlock TT college, Nottingham, Uni (MA)*
Derek Charles
13 Oct 1952second born, as breech birth. Midwife commented "you won't be getting the second one back".*

first child with Michelene Bonard from Geneva in Sydney, Australia

m. Maureen Worsfold from Essex in Sydney

*McMillan, School for the deaf School in Isleworth (he isn't deaf), Greenhill, Australia since 1969 
Karen Lytia

6 Feb 1954

Picquet House * Phillip Scott & Reg Stephens***
Fiona Helen 24 March 1956


*Brian Vinall ***
Shelley Vivienne 24 Feb 1957ditto * Ken Royle & James Ison***
Philip Neil 12 December 1958 at over 10lbsCavalry Barracks, Hounslow*

An Chu

& Val Jackson

Robert Clive 19th November 1960South Middlesex hospital, Ealing*Lorraine de Cannonville***


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