St. Just

"St Just-in-Penwith is the nearest town to Land’s End ... about 8 miles west of Penzance. Originally the centre of the tin mining industry in this part of Cornwall, the town’s past is reflected in the nature of the streets of granite cottages. St Just was once the mining centre of the peninsula and disused engine houses dominate the landscape. In the centre of the town is Plain-an-Gwarry, a theatre used for miracle plays in medieval times....".taken from Cornwall Guide.

See notes on the many Usticks of this area with mining interests and on a theory of the name's origin from here. Note Truthwall - a conmnection to Richard DL - is now a farm but used to be a mining area, similar in importance to Botallack - details to follow.

History of Boallack mine from Trevithick Society -

Industrial settlement maps

See origins on the idea that the name came from St Just (Justus). There are legends that Phoenicians traded tin in this area, but then there are also legends that piskies skip about the hedges, and there is about the same amount of evience for both.

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