from MC and London PRO; se also letters Pat Woodhams

parish bounded on the north by St Allen, on the east by St Clements, the parish of St Marys Truro and the river Fal, on the south by Kea, and on the west by St Agnes, the detached part of Kea called Tregavethen, and Perranzabuloe......For many centuries Kenwyn and Kea formed what now seems one vast parish....This parish stretches north-west from Truro, Kenwyn church being on the outskirts of the city. A considerable part of the City of Truro was in this parish. At the beginning of the 21st century, Kenwyn is regarded as a suburb of the City of Truro.

During the 19th century, many parish boundaries changed because of the moving centres of population; many parts of Kenwyn were redefined as separate parishes. Chacewater chapelry was removed from this parish in 1837 when it became the centre of the new parish of its own. The (new) parish of Mithian, was also created from part of Kenwyn in 1847. Kenwyn also contains the villages of Shortlanesend and Idless. - Genuki

Humphrey Ustler (?) had daughter Joyce 29/9/1664 or 6 MC

 Jo = John (-is)  




May 1724



Peter & Elizabeth had daughter Elizabeth 16/6/1811

Charity m William Bartell 20/5/1812

John m Sarah Tiddy 1822?

George m Jane Hicks 
William (miner)  
m Mary  

Mary Anne


James Hicks


bt 1/5/1837

St. Mary's Welsyan, Truro


John, a grocer, aged 26, living in Cardew St., son of John the mariner

m Mary Colman, shopgirl, of Seveock, daughter of miner John Colman

April 29th 1838 D111 transcript


Mary Jane

29/2/1839 D112 copy of cert



not 1841 Cs?

Will for William 1848 if Ken = Kenwyn

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