from 1861 Cs and Mary Thomas letters (q.v.). Cf St. Ives.

George b.c. 1835 St. Ives, mining engineer, m Ma(r?)y Jane b.c. 1834 Lelant

George b.c. 1802 Gwinear, mining engineer

m Sarah b. c. 1804 Madron



St Ives


St. Ives

Add to that group "Ma(r)y of Hollow??" grand-daughter, Lelant. Cf Phillack and see Thomas letter.


Henry, engine fitter, b. Phillack

m Betsy

see Phillack
Kate 21 John Henry 16James Th.


Henry (miner)


married aged 28 as miner of Towednack

m Alice Curnow

1/11/1845 Penzance

(at the time she was aged, 22 household servant)

George b 2/5/1847 Towdenack (father a labourer)

m Eliz Jane Thomas, b. Redruth 19/2/1870

He aged 22 blacksmith, she 20.

His father husbandman of Copperhouse, Phillack,

hers William Curnow, husbandman

1861 Cs George ag labourer from Towednack age 13?

Ellen ( SCH 1883, Sepot quarter,?) and 12 others, one of which is the grandmother of Mary Thomas - see letter

1861 Cs Hayle (Backrow?) George 48 Ag Labourer from Gwinear and Alice 38 of Zennor

See Cs for Towednack 1851/41 to check elder George and Henry

Richard born to William and Jenefer Sept 1851 "near Hayle" see EFA pdf


Wills George William 1907 Penzance to Mary; George Henry 1902 as mining engineer to Mary Jane.


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