Falmouth excluding direct line (q.v. via James Henry from St. Keverne)

Local History

Before 1877 was a diocese of Exeter rather than Truro and before local church established (1664) was part of Budock parish, which has not been checked. Even now this parish would cover the hinterland. Sir Peter Killigrew was an arch-Royalist and his influence brought the church and other developments. Before 20/8/1660 the town was called Smethwick or Penny-com-quick (?). 1662 onwards markets on Thursdays and fairs July and October. Local records include notes that collections werre taken up for refugees (e.g. Hugenots) and locals were carried away by slave raiders (names and dates given but none related).

Unrelated but interesting baptisms include 6/12/1815 Yeo, a negro, servant to ....Brusk and circa 18 years old; 7/8/1816 Sarah Thorn "a female of colour a native of St. Vincent in the West Indies".

See CFHS 27-20 for 1666/7

Note Ustick confusables (q.v.)

Record inspected by PE include:

Gay and Fox transcripts 1663-1812 - St. Charles the Martyr has originals and subsequent records have been partially searched. Bpt 1813-25 empty; 1839-61 backwards to 1857 empty; 1851-49 empty. 1861-92 had entries recorded below. Mgs 1864-69 blank, 1916-69 blank; 1916 back to 1899 entered below. 1869-85 blank. Note all these searched very quickly so some could have been missed.

It is also important to note that non-conformists were also here since 1769, so their records are important. In Penryn since 1600s according to local librarian. See George and Phillipa, John and Ellen recently. Certainly direct line loyalties were baptist. Local bulding moved from Killigrew St but would only have adult baptisms? PRO index for non-comms does not cover late 19thC onwards.

When reading handwriting that local confusables include Curtis, Gluvis, Every, Emmet, Eva, Euren, Euden, Carbis, Ellery, Carson. Eller, Earl, Vigis, Uren, Youren, Trevise, Eates .... Note DDGO source has -ick ending interchangeable with -ice etc.


Chistabel m Calen Short 26/8/1715; Jane -ace m William Downing 6/12/1728; William Ustas m Mary Downing 1/3/1728; John -ice buried 12/1/1757; MC shows Elizabeth Evestas bt son Jack-com-Dunnick 21/4/1748 not listed Gay and Fox.

Catherine Ustick m John Peters 23/7/1783 by licence (see origins on Usticks); Lydia Ustick m Henry Warne of Penzance 1/1/1807 by licence; Stephen Noel Ustick registered return of Owner of Land PRO with 61A 3R 2P at rental value £89/10s. PRO index to non-coms has Mrs. Uslick (sic) of Falmouth Independent Chapel buried between 1783 - 1833 (ref RG4029 pge 832)

12/8/1803 Henry of Crowan m Mary Ann Gard, a minor, by licence, with her father's consent. He signed -is but no useful witnesses.

1881 Cs has a Richard who may be Eustice at Swanpool St, 56 year old boarder, widower, channel pilot from Penryn.

British Legion war memorial 1939-45 dedicated Emmanuel Baptist chruch 18/2/1951 has Wiliam Charles Eustice and James Crombie Anderson. Latter married into Hand tree but who is former?

Stray groups

James and Elizabeth 
Mary bt 23/11/1737 m John Rideot 15/4/1759.

Jane bt 16/12/1739


 had daughter Mary bpt illegtimate 16/12/1767 buried ditto 20/2/1768 then married John Carroll, "a souldier", 12/6/1769.



Henry bpt 25/5/1695 buried 3/12/1755 Note a will for Henry 1750

m. Grace Wills 3/1/1726 (she buried 10/11/1755)

This family -ace, -is and Ustas.

Grace 17/12/1726Henry 18/11/1729John 7/10/1733 buried 22/11/33Mary 3/8/37


 CF Direct Line James Henry

James Henry (1911 Cs 72 years old and and labourer work on town) born Falmouth

m Mary Ann 1911 (1911 Cs 69 and married 45 years)


1911 Cs aged 41, single labourer

Edith Mary

1911 Cs aged 26, single

see below

1911 Cs they lived at 2 Berkeley Place, Falmouth, with JH's grandson, James Bowden, aged 7. At 6 Berkeley Place, lived:

James Bowden, aged 29, shipbreaker, born Falmouth

m Lilian Vilot aged 28. from Falmouth

Florance (sic) Daisy 6 weeks


Joseph and Anna Maria

from Feock (q.v.)

SCH has cert Sept quarter 1870 in Truro admin area

1882 Cs has 3 chidren and J a coachman at Gylling St.. EE and EM bpt as -ace with J cab proprietor Smithwick Hill. When FC m AMO 10/4/1907 both were 24, he or Princes Place and she of 27 Smithwick Hill, with J still cab Prop (her father a labourer). AJO bpt as -ace. FC cellerman of 19 Lister St. WFE born 6/3/1908 bpt 3/6/ of Princes Place, Gylling St. and artificer RN -ace.

Joseph William circa 1871 Feock became postmaster Budock
George Henry circa 1873 Glamorgan
Albert John circa 1876 Feock

Frederick Charles circa 1883 (Falmouth?) m Alice Maud Offord

Edith Maria bpt 1/12/1887 Falmouth
Ernest Edwin (SCH has Ed 1884 and Ernest Edward (sic)

issue include Albert Joseph Offiord bpt 1/5/1910


Charles Frederick 1914, in 1980s was member of EFA resident St. Austell.



Ernest Edward (sic) m Mabel Winifred with issue William Frederick Ernest bpt 3/6/1908


George and Phillipa Bullen moved here from Feock (q.v.)

John (miner) has daughter Maria who m William Ricjards 19/6/1887, she then 29, -ice illiterate and father deceased.

 James Bowden and Lillian Violet - he perhaps the grandson of a James Henry in 1911 Cs?
James Henry bpt 9/11/1904 when JB a stoker -ice 17 Beacon St.
Florence Daisy born 20/2 bpt 31/5/1911 when JB labourer of 6 Berkely Place.

Cf Bowden questions St Kev and Cambourne. SCH has James Bowden born 1881 and registered Falmouth.

George and Annie

1911 Cs in Rosewyn Househouse, Head of which was Mathew Pidley, widower and 56 year old labourer born Cambs.

Amongst other Pidley children and a border (see D105), George is son in law, 29, labourer born Southampton and Annie is 25, married five years ago and born St. Day, Cornwall.

Ivy 23/9/1907 bpt 13/11 when G labourer -ice 15 Webber St

May 9/2/1909 bpt 23/3/1910 Rosewyn House ditto.


George born Camborne c 1874,

m Emily b Camborne c 1871

1911 Cs were in 4 High St., he as retail stationer, married for 12 years.

Clive has a Photo of his shop in Falmouth Hith St. 1894

Olive Eva

born Falmouth c 1900

George Kenneth

born Falmouth c 1905


George Lefeorse b c 1861 Liverpool

m Margaret b c 1889 Falmouth

191 Cs he retired master mariner and live at 42 Trevethan Rd

Cf will George Lefevre Mylor?

George b c 1892 Falmouth

1911 Cs grocer's asst.

Richard who may be Eustice shown Swanpool 1881 Census 56, boarder, widower, channel pilot.

John & Ellen have son William Royston bpt 26/2/1915 when J gardener living 1 Mt Edgecumbe Villas. Ceremony by public preacher called Edward Rapson.

George m Emmie Richards and lived Railway Terrace1924 - see 1983 letter Lloyd. Children Olive and Kenneth.

See D39 aND d39A for photo and document relevant to Charles, son of Gordon and Elizabeth Ellen Eustice, killed in Burma.

Note descendants of the Hand (female) line still live in this area, one in Killigrew St. and one in Boslowick Close. One of their chidren (Kim Moreton) stood for the local council in 2007. Descendants of the male line also living locally 2007 but remain to be traced.

photos and docs   
view from half way along Smithwick Hill towards Gylling St.D69 contains print of parish church seen from Gylling/Smithwick end   


Listed in 1939 Register (name and DOB for identity cards)

Annie    Eustice 1877     
Bernard Eustice 1930                     
Cyril G   Eustice 1922                    
Elizabeth E Eustice 1891
Eric C     Eustice 1924                    
Grace T Eustice 1861     
Ivy Eustice           1907     
James B  Eustice 1881    
Lilian V Eustice 1882                    
Thomas Eustice 1870      
Wilfred R Eustice 1915                  
William A Eustice 1925   
William G Eustice 1891                  
Ellen (Louisa)      Ozard (Eustice)   1898                    
Douglas (Percy) Eustace 1922                    
Elizabeth M Eustace 1876                            
Frederick C Eustace 1882                             
Ronald C Eustace 1920                  
Margaret L Phillips (Cl?E) 1914    

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