Edgecombe, Hedgecombe and Mt. Edgecombe

Don Eustace was exercised by a Eustace of Cotehele who married into the Edgecombe family in the middle ages and saw possible connections with Morval families q.v. The publication Edgecumbes of Edgecumbe by B. E. Martin from CFHS makes no reference to this, nor do pages I have copied from The Vistations of the County of Devon, nor a study of the Edgecombes bu Hitchens held in the CRO. See docs D103. Mount Edgecombe is a house to the West of Plymouth.

Don has a tree for St. Budeaux (p23) starting with William of 1554 and including a Willmet. This is just east enough of the Tamar to be in Plymouth and I have yet to explore his suggestions.


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