"Camborne is a comparatively recent town. Much of its growth was associated with the mining boom in the early 19th century. Before this, Camborne Churchtown was a small hamlet surrounded by moorland. It was only one small place among a cluster of other villages, most of which were larger. The original road to Camborne was through Tuckingmill from where travellers had to follow a route through Treswithian to reach the hamlet.

When the great turnpike road was built through Cornwall in 1839, Camborne came into its own .... By 1830, the insignificant hamlet had given way to a fast growing town, important due to the tin and copper mines surrounding it. Several new streets had been added ... Camborne reached the peak of its prosperity in the mid 1880s. In 1841 the population numbered 10,061 and by 1871 this had risen to 14,929, the highest ever figure. As the population grew, the town became overcrowded. Drunken brawls riots and lawlessness became more frequent".... taken from Cornwall Guide.

In the eighties I noted these sources: "There is a transcript 1538-1812, thereafter records with incumbent. Index for part of this. Checked marriages to 1775 (none), bpts to 1775 (none) and burials to 1812 (one Wm of John and Mary 1802). D&CRS have later transcripts, not yet seen. Note likelihood of non-com records here; see note on Henry B who maried Georgina Hocking."

1871 and 81 Cs at Beripper has Richard Johns and Jennifer with Eliz Eustice aged 71 = 59, 81 = 65 widow. Says born Camborne.


m Mary Goldsworthy 8/11/1783?? Cf J&M Crowan

Mary 25/7/1788

Peter 21/5/93

m Ann Wills 26/8/1817

Elisabeth 5/3/97

James 21.4.99

m Mary Hockings 12/9/1830

1851 Cs was miner Trelowarren St.

William 9/7/18092; buried 12/7/1802; 8/5/1805

m Mary Vine 9/12/1830

children include - Peter 25/12/1830; James 7/4/32;John 8/3/34 & 7/5/37;Thomas c1844; William c 1848. To Australia??

children: Mary 25/6/31; John 26/10/33; Joseph 2/4/36.

D102 is a note of Australian connections from Geelong cemetery, including reference to a Mary died 5/2/82 aged 78 husband of James from Camb. Had been 13 years in Victoria and had children Peter (50) James (47) John (dead) anzd William (35). William m Eliz Jane Harris of Camborne (daughter of William Harris and Marty Ann Roy) - no issue. Other entries include John (78 in 1881, died of debility), Maria (73 in 82, his widow), Peter, 68 in 1904 (heart, storekeeper), Eliz 73 in 1918 (asthma).

Richard m Grace Tremaine 23/4/1826 (died 1849? see EM letters). Son John 20/5/1826.

John m Grace Tenby 30/4/1836

1851 Cs she is charwoman Newton Moor, Treslothan

Mary 5/8/1837
William c1842
Grace c1844
John c1846

Francis m Grace Carter 27/4/1794 (also recorded St. Erth). Note 1851 Cs Carter family with sister Eliz, widow of John Eustice. 81 Cs with Richard Johns and family as 65 sister-in-law and have guessed she was married top John the miner 1837/8 Crowan).

John m Graced Bennets 20/2/1808 - see Bayland chart; Mary m William Lethlean 14/1/1814??; Ann m Thomas Mathews 17/9/1822; Eliz m Thomas Edwards 7/2/1824; Hannah m Thomas Nicholas 24/12/1829; William m Mary Jane Gundry 3/7/1849.

1851Cs has Elizabeth R. working as servant, born Crowan c1831 and unmarried.

In 1871 a Caroline of Christo in Devon worked as a servant, married and aged 20; Eliz as servant bc1812 Camb.

George b.c. 1874 see Falmouth



Thomas, youngest son ofGeorge and Mary Rodda from Crowan.

bpts 1813 onwards Crowan and a miner. For George as of Wellsarah (?)

m Philippa Davey

28/9/1809 Crowan

1851 Cs Adelaide St., Camb widow of 66, pauper and "once copper mines girl" with Mgt. and Peter.

1871 Cs with Mgt Centenary Row, aged 90.





George 23/3/13 Crowan

John 4/9/15 Crowan

see possible link below*^


6/5/21 Crowan

m Grace - descent below in separate chart**



Crowan but 1851 Cs here and "subject to fits". 71 Cs tin dresser, aged 46.

Philippa 5/11/26 Crowan

William 11/1/29 Crowan

see possible link below^^

Peter 25/11/31 Crowan

m Sarah Hicks


He illiterate but a Thomas signed as witness. First 3 baptisms and 1841 Cs miner in Crowan.

1851 Cs copper miner Centenary St. Mary Hicks and family lodging with them. Rosina born Camborne accoding to Cs.but I have bapt Crowan.

Thomas and Sarah children below


William Henry



51 Cs Camb as Gas Works Lab.



m Harriet Bryant (Redruth?) and went to Australia?

51Cs Gas Works LabourerL



John 1844


James 1847


Josiah 1850


note last 3 names and almost dates shared with family of Henry and Mary St Keverne so easy to confuse groups. One of latter visited John Harvey Gwinnear Downs 1861. 
m Grace (born around 1838 Gwinnear). May be same WH as had son Crowan 1861 q.v. then check 61Camb Cs to add detail. I881 Cs tin miner at Tuckingmill (Condurrow). Check 1871.       


c 1863 Crowan


c65 Crowan

Susan (P?)

c68 Gwinnear or Crowan

Emil An

c70 Crowan

Mary Grace





c80 (see Crowan entry)


In 1881 Cs Henrietta, Susan and Emily are all tin dressers. The will 1907 William to Grace probably not his but from William b 1856 to William and Mary or 1831 to Wm and Jennifer.




6/5/21 Crowan

m Grace - son of Thomas and Phillipa above**

Eliz (Jane?) 1847 CrowanThomas Henry 2/7/1850 Crowan.

Philippa Nicols

10/10/1855 Crowan

married 1877? see SCH list.

Mary An

10/10/1855 Crowan

m Rodda 1872???


3/2/56 & 26/9/60 Crowan

1881 Cs Camb aged 20 tinner so first one assumed died as infant.

William John 29/1/1858 Crowan

1881 Cs Cam tinner, single. According to chart from Don Eustace, m Bessis Mary Johns, who died Troon 1903. See below for results.*&

Martha Ellen

Crowan 2/11/62

1881 Cs Troon Moor

 Although no first hand proof yet, seems likely he married Mary, shown in 1881 Cs Treslothen at Stennack. There is a will 1920 from TH to Mary Stennack Farm. 1881 Cs shows Mary and chiidren born Camb with aunt Ann Dunstone (60, occupation plain sewing, born Camb). These details point to a connection with JH's line in Australia and hint at marriage of John to Ms Dunston, possibly Christina. - see tree below and letter D101 to Eric. Note Henry had brother John b 1815 Crowan. See 1871 Cs.     

Note family shown Crowan 1841 Cs and George there at 28 (miner) but Henry is not. All children in Crowan, where Henry is a miner, but 1881 shown Camb at 7 Troon Moor, Croft Common as engine driver. Must have moved between 62 and 81, so check 1871 Cs where not yet found, reels RG10 2324-6. No record of marriage to Grace in Crowan records, although in Cs she claims to be local to that parish. Check non-com and civil records? With no marriage date, could be moe children to be found.



William John 29/1/1858 Crowan

from above *&

  Joseph Henry m Bosanko (in SCH - Don has Boscanwell)   

Gladys J

1911 SCH

Elizabeth G

1914 SCH

Dorothy R

1914 SCH

Edna M

1916 SCH

William Joseph

1918 SCH

in 1982 at 79 New Rd/, Camb

Henry D 1920 SCH
    issue include:  
   Desmond 1942

Douglas Henry 1944

m Margaret.

In 1982 at Tresco, Higher Kehellan, Camborne with 2 children. Picture D70 taken July.


I have two charts from Don Eustace which are not tied to any original documents I have seen and may or may not be accurate. One is for William John son of Henry (above) with far more detail and the other is for John, with a family leading to William of Roskeare Caravan site at Tuckingmill in the early 20thC. Both await further exploration, held as TBC1 and 2.

Mary b Purran (?) c 1845

1871 Cs wife of a miner


Sarah c 1866
George c 1868
Susan c 1870

4/10/1842 at Camborne Vean, Ann Eustis aged 44, wife of Richard, mine agent, died of pnemonia. Richard, mine agent aged 54, died there 10/4/1851 of 'Myelitis 6 weeks'. Both cert D126. See DL.

William b c 1826 (son Richard and Ann of Crowan?)

m Susan b c 1822 Camb

1851 Cs Wm claims born Gwinnear, but 71 and 81 claims Crowan.


Emily J

c 1851

81Cs schoolmistress,



c 1853 81Cs schoolmistress,


Susan Celina c 1856

81Cs schoolmistress,


Ellen Huthnance c 1858

81Cs schoolmistress,



See William and Susan m Phillack 1848? !851 Wm Church Row grocer and draper; 71 grocer Basset St. and 84 at 24 Basset St. spirit merchant. 1885 will for widow Susan has ale and spirit merchant. Ellen Huthnance 1901 will to EJ, MA and S Selina. Note Huthnance is a common name in Gwinnear, one vicar of Breage died 1720). EJ will to SS 1920. MA to SS 1920. No will sen yet for SS.

Peter b c 1847 St. Kev

m Mary b.c. 1842 Wendron

All children from 1881 Cs.


Note: I have no record of Peter's birth St. Kev, so check non coms. Note James B and Cf James B St Kev and Henry B Camb?

Ellen J

c 1874

James B

c 76

Alice A


Thomas J

c 81


   William from Crowan (q.v.) m to Jenefer from Crowan. In 1851 Cs reside Focaren St.  

William 27/6/1830


1851 Cs blacksmith

Henry 30/12/1832

buried 1833



Jennifer 11/1/1835


1851 Cs copper mine girl




1851Cs mine carpenter

Victoria 2/10/1838

c 24/11/1838


1851 Cs copper mine girl aged 12

71 Cs surface worker at mine in house of Ann Pascoe, Williama St.

1881 Head of House in 21 Union St., unmarried charwoman, with daughter entered as Mary and son aged 14, both tinm stream workers. Had a female boarder (milliner called Cock)

Elizabeth Margaret Ward 25/10/1840

c 6/12/1840


might be the William below?  issue included

Eliz Mary

c 1864 Camb

William c 1868 Camb

1851 Cs has Jane Eustice nee Reynolds widow of 49 living with Reynolds family as daughter. Husband was mine agent. All born Crowan. Crowan 1841s Cs a Jane with children including a Victoria of the right age to fit that above. Jane and Jennifer are often interchangeable names.


William b c 1831

m Mary b.c. 1835 Camb)

Note - 1871 Cs Wm claims 40 and locally born, so could be son of Wm and Jennfier above, who was born Crowan but moved to Camborne. Has likely growth from blacksmith to mine engineer (entered 1871). Probably dead or working elsewhere by 81. Connection not proved but worth further investigation. Tis chart from 71/81 Cs

William c 1856

81 Cs unmarried blacksmith

Sara J c 1862

81Cs Fuse factory girl.

Eliz M

c 63

81Cs grocer's apprentice

John c 64

81Cs blacksmith

Anne c66


Henry c 68

D99 is letter suggesting he married Georgina Hocken and had a son, was Methodist local preacher.

George c 74

connect with Falmouth stationer?

In 71 Cs also shows Richard 19 mine carpenter b Camb and Eliz 20 or 29 born Crowan living next door but as progeny. Mary Ann Will 1916 to Henry and George; 1907 will of Wm blacksmith to Grace

^^ William b. b. 1828 Crowan m Mary b.c. 1828 Camb with daughter Jane b.c. 1851- could be son of Thomas and Phillipa? 1851 Cs lived Flocarne St. near William and Susan, Wm and Jennifer.

William b.c. 1846 Camborne m Honour b.c. 1842 Camb, he a tin miner in 1881 Cs. Daughter Mary Elizabeth b.c. 1869. Will of a Wm of Camborne who died USA 1888 proved 1905 to Honour Scandling (note 1807 Crowan a Mary m Thomas Scandling).

John b.c. 1818 Crowan

m Ann b.c. 1823 Sithney

*^ possibly son Thomas and Phillipa, but see also John who married Mary Gundry Crowan, witnessed by Thomas Eustice and Willima Gundry. See DL letters May 85 para 5.

Mary A

1851 Cs copper mine girl


b.c. 1842 Crowan


b.c. 1845 Camb

John b.c. 1848 Camb

Anne Eustace, full age and possibly a miner, lived at Kelhalland daughter of Richard, a mine agent and married John Richards, miner, of Tresiwithian?, son of John the miner. D108. Possible connection to USA (Wisconsin/California) via Feemster letters.

Robert Pooley, widower and farmer of Wendron, son James deceased, m Grace Eustice of Cross? daughter Richard, mine agent 23rd March 1851. D94

See D95 Richard m Grace Phillips and Richard m Caroline Eva both Redruth

D100 is an old insurance policy for personal effects concerning William George Eustice of Bella Vista, 47 Fore St., Beacon Camb. His name is crossed out in favour of Dorothy Amy in 1963

Mary Jane b.c. 1846 see Redruth John and Mary Ann.

Anthony Percival b 1938 m Barbara Fisher Camborne see Redruth

1982 Don -ace wrote to W. J. Eustace at New Rd. Troon, Camborne. The letter refers to various relatives and a Desmond but it is detached from charts. Under letters "etc".

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