In Crowan parish register 5/12/1851 an entry is made, unsigned by the vicar, and later crossed out. It says "Mary Ann, daughter of Jane, a single woman" baptised from Breage workhouse. The minutes of the PU in Helston had no entry for that area or name but on page 111 it says that no relief is to be given to those with base children being nursed outside as from 1853. On page 31, Michelmas quarter (?) they minute a decision that relief be discontinued to Margaret Eustice of Crowan, with no reason given.

Eustace was a priest here 1226/7.

A Henry Eustick aka Usticke BA was vicar 1755 onwards - died and buried there. He was the one referred to in connection with Nancealvan in Coulthard (see page 83) and he married Mary Borlase in Madron 1751. See Eustice/Ustick confusion explained elsewhere. Copy of part of Coulthard's history of the parish of Breage with Germoe held D146, also mentions Huthnance.

Wm m Jane Brothes 23/7/1639, he from Crowan.

Jane m Thomas Corne 27/12/1718

Ruth m John Symons 19 or 29 June 1732

Hannah, daughter of Henry of Crowan, m James Eed 31/1/1746 (see Rusch letters for family) She born 25/3/1721 daughter of Henry?

Mary m James Jones 22/12/1750

Henry m Martha Bartle 12/11/1771 - family Crowan

Mary m William Eade 30/4/1785

William and Grace Richards 16/10/1775 
William 5/11/1777John 26/5/1782


 Henry and Elizabeth cf Germoe and Crowan charts 
Peter 26/12/1802Henry 4/10/1807Mary 1805


John and Grace daughter Sally 3/11/1816 cf Crowan and Gluvias pair with later progeny

 John and Catherine Ripper 7/4/1806 
William 2/6/1811Grace 20/12/1812 William 30/4/1817

Note Grace Eustice in Crowan 1871 Cs unmarried 24 year old mine girl, daughte of Grace Rodda of Breage, a 56 year old married housekeeper. Presume that elder Grace was a remarried Eustice widow??

John m Rosina Allen 1841 on MC as St Mary's Scillies Baptist. Son John 1/5/1842; 7/10/1844; 11/8/1845. John -ice full age carter from "Frew"? son of John deceased carter m Rosina Allen under age from Poldras Down daughter Joseph Allen deceased miner on 22/4/1841. Both used X. Cert held D96

Note 1871 Cs Elizabeth Eustice is 24 anzd married to a carpenter.

Elizabeth wife of Joseph Tregloan of Breage is daughter of John Eustice of Crowan in will 1763. Cf Crowan marriage.

William m Jennifer/Jane Reynolds has family Crowan but his son Richard is entered PR with father from Breage (1823)

Bartholemew and Ann son Andrew Curnow 7/12/1858. Three other children Germoe. Bart son of George and Thomasine of Crowan?

John born c1821 Breage m Mary Prideaux formerly Jeffrey 1857 SCH Heslton area. Children of former marriage(s) Iowa and Camborne, their own Illogan and Redruth. See Redruth and letters from Mills of NZ.

Henry and Mary in Germoe have children shown Breage on census but Germoe on MC 1842 - 1849

Elizabeth Eustice aged 11 is niece of William and Ann Ireland 1851 Cs, showing born Helston.

Henry -ice, 24, labourer of Ashton, Breage, son of John the miner, m Mary Johns, 23, Ashton, daughter Robert the farmer 14/12/1847 and he used a X to sign. Cert held D96

1851 Cs shows what could be Eustis or Curtis: Eliz aged 50 shopkeeper and Mary aged 72 inmate both born Breage.

Similar surname for William and Grace (33 carpenter and 29, both of Breage) with Eliz (4), Mary (2) and Eliz A. (10 months).

Ditto John and Selina (27 mine agent and 25, both from Breage) with Eliz (2) and Jane (6 months). Cf Susan Selina 1856 Camborne?

Will 1900 Eliz Jane Eustice of Breage of Lion and Lamb Inn, Ashton, wife of William George E., innkeeper.

George will 1903 to Henry and Henry to Lavinia Jenkin, spinster, 1917 (SCH she born 1869)


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