Usticks by parish

see also letters from Fernly Pascoe and Geraldine Gove


Henry Ustick, aka Eustick, referred to in Coulthard as vicar of Breage and from "old Cornish family of Eustick, of Nancealvan" p83, buried there. See mg Madron. He published a collection of verse and epigrams and was an authority on the Cornish language (see Jenner's hanbook on same). Was attacked by John Wesley.


William Ustick gent m Phillippa Nowill 24/7/1752 - see SJP charts, Pascoe's Mawnan notes and EM 11.

Mary m Thomas Trewren of Trewardreva - see SJP charts

Mart m Thomas Williams of Teabourne St Mary (lic) 22/3/1766

Thomas buried 24/2/1799.

Cf Ustis for this parish.


Francis born 1703 son of George Usstess. Married Joan Williams 1732 as Ustis. His son Francis bpt 1733 Ustis and all other relatives and descendants are soft endings, down to jy own Eustice. But in Godolphin papers CRO DDGO 292 ans 294 there are details of leases which ferer to him as Ustick 1731 then Ustice 1741. This seems an ascription of the hard ending to one whi did not use it, by a careless clerk. It is interesting because the two families share a geographical area, George Ustess having a line of descent in an area where Usticks are settled. See notes on Nancealvan.


Cf Padstow. Lake has Michael as brother of St. Buryan Oliver, purchasing Pendary 1703. His son married Catherine d of Richard Trewren of Trewardreva and Catherine (I have no entry). He sold and his wife lived poorly in Padstow, died 1791.

  Charles Ustick m (Freake?)
Richard 22/2/1715Mary 30/4/1717Thomas 10/7/1718

Feock -note ref to Hussey in FOP notes and CF Truro.

George and Eliz have Honour 23/10/1803. NB there is a George and Eliz Eustice family 1783 - 86 but without an Honour accredited.


Catherine m John Peters by licence 23/7/1783. See SJP tree.

1788 Mr Usticke applies plot for brewery. See Old Cornwall notes. Also see address of magistrate SUNU from FOP.

Lydia m Henry Warne licence 1/1/1807. He of Penzance. See SJP tree.

Stephen Noel Ustick registered owners of land London PRO 61A 3R 2P at rental value £89 10s. Also a S.U.N. Ustick 1,305 - 2 - 13 at £1,265 4s. Both should be identifiable from previous lists. PRO entry 1873. S.U.N. Ustick South Sea View 1873 magistrate.


George and Eliz have Honour bpt 23/10/1803. I have a George and Eliz with soft endings 1783-86. This may be another cross reference, being so far from the Ustick area, although near Falmouth. Richard Hussey hads 3 sisters and one married a Ustick (Cf Truro).


George Ustick of Penryn, surgeon, married Mary Tregofse ditto, by banns published 4,11,18th Feb (married 15/4/1759). Baptised Anne 17/5/1760.


Mgt m Mark Sampson 25/10/1692 Cf SJP.


Derrick Eustice m Dorothy Ustick (Bezuurel) early 20thC


Mgy m John Benhallack 30/4/1687 - see SJP chart


Wm m Eliz Rogers 29/11/1705 see St Buryan.

James of SJP m Catherine Rogers 23/6/1716

Jane Ustick m Thomas Medcalfe of Penzance 21/11/1718

Parish records here are in a very poor state. Entries from MC.


This parish included Penzance and half Newlyn until the mid 19thC, so Penzane entries are here with PZ attached. There are Eustaces 1805 onwards. Jane Ustles (sic) m Wm Richards 1759 could be Ustick or Ustes? Taken from MC. Note how close Morvah lies and note vicar from SJP tree.

Trereife:memorials Mownan church make reference to Mat or Pz (m Le Grice SJP chart)

Tregarrne: went to Peter family via Catherine - see SJP chart.

Nancealverne: from Oliver of Leigh (a) St Buryan through female m Scobell, whose seat was here, there is a possible connection.

Madron church has funeral hatchments to Borlase, Proce, Le Grice, Tremenheene, Nicholls, Usticke and Pascoe - most of whom figure in this page.

SP12/52/2 Muster has what might be Ewstais chistian name, surname illegible.


Margery 1/10/1676

Ann 8/9/1678












15 or 30/12/85



Have no mother's name so only assume all are from same Henry.

Henry m Mary Borlase 26/7/1751 See Breage and notes Nacealvan. This must be the Henry referred to in Coulthard, spelled Eustick,

Charles m Elizabeth 29/11/1630.

from CFHS - Henry Usticke of Trenere, Penzance m Sibella Tremenheere born 1667, no children???

Charles m. Dorothy Weymouth 16/10.174?2 note Martin entries.

John, son of Stephen, m. Juliana Roberts 8/10/1752 - see SJP chart

John has daughter Caterine May 173or54 Pz

Martin m Dorothy Weymouth 9/10/1742 and 16/10/1742. Note same names Morvah, Paul and in SJP with two children. Taken from MC so either their computer went mad or they just loved weddings. Charles also married the poor woman in 1742. Need to see original parish records to sort this out.

Richard gent has son Charles 13/9/1688.

Thomas daughter Mary Thomas 14/10/1757 Pz

Stephen m Mgt 26/9/1653

William and Philippa Nowell line Pz shown SJP chart

female marriages: Ann to Henry Stephens 30/11/1705 Madron and Pz; Mary to Wm Jeffrey 27/8/1712; Jane to John Tonken 15/5/1716; Anne to Thomas Corinne?? 30/1/1744; Mary to John Truren 24/2/1745 (probably of Stephen see SJP charts); Susanna m John Scobell 20/10/1802 (perhaps from Oliver of St. Buryan, although not shown bapt there?? Cf Truro. FOP notes date 1810); Susanna m John Beauchamp 13/4/1773; Mary to Wm Nicholls 1785 (see SJP chart); Phillippa to John Davis 1776 ditto.


Ustices here 1653-1740, from MC and Phillimore.

Ann m George Allen 24/9/1789, a clerk, from Redruth, by licence

Mawnan church has memorials to Ustickes erected by Rev Peters, related by marriage (se SJP tree) and Manor and Barton of Penwarne lies in this parish. Stephen Usticke Esq/ died 26/1/1823 and buried here (born Pz and see SJP tree).


Martyn Usticke

CF Martyn and Dorothy Weymouth, Madron and Paul 1742













m Christan Daniel St Ives 10/8/1789?






4/1/1795 MC; 1795 from EM, Soc of Gen

Martyn m Mary Jenking (sic) 5/1/1827 son Stephen 1/6/1828

Dorothy m Thomas Foss 5/1/1829

John m Mary Lanyon 12/11/1683

Margery m John Penrose 31/12/1721

possibly Stephen of John and Mary 1820 EM Soc of Gen

Mullion - see Pascoe's notes

Padstow - Catherine widow of Michael d 1791 see Egloshayle


Only hard endings here so far, from MC and Soc of Gen (EM). Note Jenkin Justick m Phillipa(a) Hoppier 20/1/1604 and then bpt from MC has Marie Ustick of Jenkin 13/4/1616.

Martin Ustick m the ubiqitous Dorothy Weymouth 1642 (9/10) Cf Madron and Morvah)

John Ustuk (sic) Alce 24/7/1620

John Ustick m Ursulla 20/1/1619

John Ustick m Gillian 15/11/1658

John Ustuke (sic) bpt son John 3/10/1630

Constance -ick m Arthur Geaire (?) 27/12/1656

Deborah Estick wide of John buried 9/8/1658


Will so/w 125/2 from Archdeacon's list CRO has Francis Usticke to Eliz, widow, 1832.

George of Penryn m St Gluvias (q.v.) 1759 to Mary Tregosse.


is in Mawnan (q.v.) and Ustickes of Penwarne spread out from SJP tree.

Penzance (see Madron)

St. Buryan

Methodism in this parish detailed CFHS library see 27-4. Note Oliver related to Michael of Bideford in Egloshayle (q.v.)

Oliver Ustyck gent m Mrs. Julyan Roscrowe (cf Penryn) 6/6/1678 PR. Also entered Budock 6/1/1678 MC Buryan.


bt 5/8/1679

bd 9/5/1680

Charles Utsike


Wm 1/5/1683



Note Oliver of Leigh (a) Scobell marriage to Susanna (Madron 1810) may be that referred to by Pascoe's notes (q.v.)

Richard m Barbara Vosper 22/4/1679 (+ see below)

female Julian m Cadlip 1650 Scillies list

An mThomas Treslian 2/1/1677

Richard m Marye? Moalls? 25/2/1681

Mrs. Barbara Ustick buried April 1680

Note Olivers on Sancreed Oath Rolls Launceston 1696, member Grand Jury, florid style. There is a John on the same roll and both also appear in a list of tinners (presumably owners of tin mines). William also on first roll, different Wm and a Chalrs on second roll.

William m Eliz daughter of John Rogers of Tressowes, Ludgvan (q.v.) 29/11/1705. Son of Oliver and Julian??? Previously of Truthwall? See DDGO copper payment 1771.Truthwall was a house name?



(see Constantine)

Henry 17/7/1720

Info below taken from poor copy of someone's card index, possibly Fernley Pascoe or Eurwen Mascal, , but in my wrtiting says says SEEEM10 and in theirs PR Soc of Gen:


Mrs. Barbara bd April 1680

DDGR?? Inst of Cornwall 30 x 1710

- 300 ref t0 Oliver Usticke gent parish of Buryan (surviving Exec of Richard Pearce late of Kerris gent)

- 461 ref to Oliver Usticke, Lela??) gent 1703 (Ord Survey sheet 203 Higher Leah Farm due north of Buryan, south of Penzance, Lands End Rd.).

Boas Collectiana Cornubuensis pg 1126 William Ustick of Le?? Buryan m Eliz d. of John Rogers of Tressowe, Ludgvan

St Erme - see Lake refs.

St Erth (see Eustice entries)

MC has born Nannie to Silas Ustick and Grace 20/9/1859. I have a large tree of soft endings with Silas Eustus of Francis and Mary27/6/1833, married to Grace and with Henry Uren andf James Henry (1862 and 73) baptised as Eustace and Eustice respectively (all from MC). Note thye name Uren turns up when George , Honour Uren 1725 Uny Lelant, as Ustis. This is probably an example when Ustick should read Ustice, if only I had parish record entries to prove it.

There is a will 1875 from Francis to Silas, in Somerset, spelled Eustice. Both were miners.

St. Gennys

Secondary source has John of Edmund bpt 25/10/1612, buried 30/12/1612. Entered as Us-ich then Estise. I have Edmund Us*ich son John bpt 25/10/1612 but buried 30/12/1612 as Estise (Exeter BT 1612-1673).

No entry 1641/1 PR, 1662 Heath Tax. No parish records until 1702.

St. Gluvias

George Ustick of the Borough of Penryn, surgeon, m Mary Tregofse of same, spinster, 15/4/1749 by banns published 4/11/18 Feb. CRO ref DDP/72/1/4. Daughter Anne 17/5/1760

St. Ives

Christian Daniel from here married Martin 1789 from Morvah (q.v.) and entered both parishes.

St Just in Penwith

Note lease Stephen Ustick of Botallack to Sir John St. Aubyn DDG12 189 no date. CF land Falmouth and see Sancreed.

See Oath Rolls

an unchecked on-line source mentions Stephen USTICK who maried Elina DE GAMUL OF MOLLINGTON, b. abt 1460, Botallack and
d. 1513, Flodden Field).

another unchecked on-line source offers this version:

John Ustick

Son of John Ustick and Eleanor Cotgreave, father of John Ustick and husband of Jane Pawley

John was born in St Just, Penwith, Cornwall in c.1594. He was the son of John Ustick of Botallack, born about 1568, and Eleanor Cotgreave of St Just, born about 1572 and buried at Paul, Cornwall on 16th October 1644.

John married Jane Pawley of Gunwin, Uny Lelant, Cornwall c.1620. Jane was born in Gunwin c.1598, the daughter of Stephen Pawley and Margaret Tresteane

John and Jane had the following children:

John Ustick born in Botallack c.1626

William Ustick baptised in St Just on 20th May 1628

Margery Ustick born in St Just c.1630

Thomas Ustick baptised in St Just on 26th October 1631

Jane Ustick baptised in St Just on 12th February 1633

Jane Ustick baptised in St Just on 10th May 1634 and buried on 5th January 1702

Stephen Ustick baptised in St Just on 16th March 1637

Thomas Ustick baptised in St Just on 19th September 1640

Hugh Ustick baptised in St Just on 27th May 1643 and buried on 28th June 1643

John was buried in St Just on 2nd May 1666 and Jane on 27th November 1682

John Ustick

Son of John Ustick and Jane Pawley, father of Margery Ustick and husband of Margaret Shearme

John was born in Botallack, Cornwall in c.1626.

John married Margaret Shearme on 26th September 1653 in Madron, Cornwall. Margaret was born in Madron c.1626 and was the daughter of Robert and Margaret Shearme of Madron, Cornwall. Margaret was buried in St Just, Cornwall on 9th November 1686.

John and Margaret had the following children:

Joane Ustick baptised in St Just, Penwith on 9th November 1654

John Ustick baptised in Penzance, Cornwall on 18th March 1656/57

Jane Ustick baptised on St Just on 10th April 1657

Nicholas Ustick baptised in St Just on 24th October 1658

Mary Ustick Baptised in St Just on 16th February 1660/61

Margery Ustick baptised in St Just on 17th September 1664

Margaret Ustick baptised in St Just on 5th March 1669/70

John died on 2nd March 1713 and Margaret was buried on 9th November 1618

Note: John's will is held in the Consistorial Arch-Diaconal Court of Cornwall

This is based on MC with information from Lake's History, provided by FOP. The former alters the order of Stepehn's chidren from the latter, so check parish records.

John Usticke of Botallack
John m Jane Pawley
Stephen of Botallack 18/12/1700 m Catherine Borlase 1/7/1724

Mary 16/6/1725

m Thomas see Constantine

John 9/8/1726

m Juliana Roberts







m Grace Polwhel

William 7/9/1730

m Phillippa Nowell, sister of Sir Michael, 24/7/1752 and lived Penzance q.v.

their issue were -



Penzance, died unmarried in 1823, window Mawnan church. Heir to Sir Michael and William.

Philippa 29/4/1753


m John Davis 31/3/1776 Madron

Mary 17/3/1756 Pz

m William Nicholls 8/8/1785 Madron, from whom William John Godolphin Nicholls (q.v. Pascoe's notes frrom Lake) then Rev C.V. Le Grice (q.v. ditto)

Catherine 13/7/1757 Pz

m John Peters

23/7/1783 Falmouth (lic) he Capt RN Packet service, though whom Rev. Michael Nowell Peters, vicar of Madron (q.v.) Window Mawnan church. (Old Falmouth by DE Gay p77)

Jane 19/9/1759








M Rev John Allen, through which line to Beauchant/Ustick change of name




M H. Warne 1/1/1807 Falmouth (lic)

Robert Micael Nowell

(see Mullion)

Pz. Styled Rev by Lake, chaplain to George IV. See Old Falmouth p193. Heir to Stephen, passed on to nephew Beauchant who changed name and became Stephen Ustick Nowell Ustick? See descent on page for armoury and Dublin Gazette 28/2/1852. S.U.N. styled "of Woodlane"? in Armoury. Descents shown there.

Note the duplication of Rev R.M.N. Ustick (brother of Stephen) and Rev M. N.Peters, vicar of Madron with Ustick connedctions on mother's side. This could lead to confusion. When Beauchant changed his name, direct descent came to a halt and titles passed into the hands of Irish comnections. As inheritance is tied with Nowell marriage and estates and arms are joined, the Ustick line is thus subsumed. The Irish connection is most likely from the Nowell side, and has no connection at all with Irish Eustaces, so far as I can see.

Notes from Lake via F.O, Pascoe send before (Jan 1984). This tree can be extended from other parishes, q.v..

  Charles m Katherine  











note names of St. Buryan, Sancreed.

Henry m Eliz Thomas 5/2/1731

Henry m Catherine Casely 26/7/1736

Henry daughter Eliz 6/2/1631

James of SJP m Catherine Rogers Ludgvan 23/6/1716 - son james 16/4/1718

John m Eliz Lawrence 23/8/1720

John and Jane son Thomas 18/9/1640

John and Mary daughtrer Margery Aug 1699 and son Stephen 18/10/1700

John m Margaret Shearne 26/9/1653?
John 16/3/1656
Nicholas 24/10/58

Mgt 16/2/60




ascribed only to a John (no mother): Thomas 26/10/1631; George 12/2/34; Jane 10/5/34; Stephen 19/3/37; Joane 9/11/54; Jane 10/4/57; John 26/7/89; Mary 9/2/89; Nicholas 1/6/91; James 25/8/94; Thomas 24/8/95; Jane 12/6/97; Hugh 19/6/98

Martin and Dorothy have daughter Mary 28/7/1743 and 1/1/1745 - note Martin and Dorothy Weymouth Madron, Paul, Morvah.

..may or may not be connected to ..

Martin m Jane Veale















Martin m Constance Mikerwis




Henry 7/6/89



Martin m Joane Edwards 16/11/1606-7?

Richard m Joan Cocke 10/4/1630 son Richard 15/1/1631 and Methusela 16/7/37

Richard m Ciceline Edwards 4/8/1649 d. Anne 10/5/1650 and s. Henry 19/5/1651

Richard m Sara Gear 21/6/1691 daughters Mary 6/3/1692 and Sara 21/4/94 m Edward Rowlen 30/10 1727.

Stephen m Ann Penderthy











1/4/10 &



Stephen and Mary Pengerthy










Thomas and Mary







George son George 25/10/1692.

Female SJP marriages, unattributed to lines: Mgt to Eddy Crostow 20/12/1604; Jone to John Saun?? 16/11/1606; Ann? to Nicholas Williams OR Pe(a/r)se 30/3/1608. Very bad copy could be OR = initials or means "or" so we have Williams or Pearse??; Honour to Alexander Player 17/6/1647; Jane m Pascow Ellis 28/12/1655; Mgt Ustack m Wallachias Angwin 1/10/1655; Grace to Peter Jagoe 11/12/1658; ??????? to John or Joan Wearne 3/7/1658; Jane to Richard Mason 30/10/1682; Jane to Martin Angwin Sept 1686; Mgt to John Denhallack 30/4/1687 (see Ladock); Mgt Thomas Woolcock 5/11/1689; Mgy to John Lanyon 2/5/1691; Mgt to Mark Samson 25/10/1692 Cf Gwennap; Grace to David Chapel 20/11/1697; Jane to Thomas Taylor 16/8/1708; Mgt to Richard Bowens 9/7/1715; Mary to Martyn Millet 22/4/1717; Eliz to Melchisadeck Bone 3/30/1728; Mary to John Jelbert 26/3/1733; Ann to Wm Mitchell 3/2/1744 or 64 (see Uny Lelant).


This seems to be the oldest reference so far (1576) and the names indicate that SJP famlies may have moved there from this parish, or at least be closely related. Note the Oliver in Buryan and oath rol notres attached to it. Info here mainly from EM Soc of Gen.

Oliver Ustycke m Margery 20/1/1576 son Martin 23/2/1577

Henry Ustycke

buried as Eustack 1620

m Annes(?) 1599











m Richard Tregannorne 6/10/1731 as Ustacke (MC)

From card index source unknown - Stephen m Mary Allen of St Just 6/5/1735 and witnessd lease of tin stamping mill 1728 "TOUP MSS Bodleian??"

more to follow.....................................


William m Eliz H/Mussey 9/10/1734 Cf Feock

Thomas m Grace Thomas 19/6/1756

John and An bpt Eliz Ustic 8/7/1845 - is this soft or hard ending?

John Ustick Scobell tithes 1840 - see Madron

John and Ann have daughrer Elizabeth Ustic 8/7/1845 MC

There are also soft ending entries here 1866, 1730 and a will 1895

Unly Lelant

Ann m William MItchell 1744 or 64 (MC) See SJP

no parish listed

to follow


Oath Rolls PRO C 123 33-59 compiled 1695-6

Include refs to O, L or J Ustick, JOhn, William roll 33

John Junior and John , a different William, Charles, Rich, Two more Johns roll 34.

Latter also contains some soft endings.

Note roll 48 for Penryn contains one I read as Pc?? Hallabone Justice. which is of potential interest because of Devonian Mallabone Eustaces withy Cornish connections?


London - Charles 1684 St Clement, Eastcheape has will in Canterbury list (not inspected)

RIC Henderson Vol IV (from card index FOP or EM) - 1685, Ustick John, Lieut, order to bapt John Nance, bapt Sampson Veale --and Lieut George Treweek to apprehend all disaffected and suspicious persons and send them to the Plymouth and to secure all their horses. Signed John Trelwaney, Vyele Vyvyan, Peter Killigrew, Jo St. St Aubyn.