Are you are consumer or a citizen?

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Students and teachers are welcome to use it as they pick their way through some very difficult questions:

How do you find reliable information when deciding how to vote?

How do you tell reliable information from nonsense, half-truths, lies and propaganda?

What principles should you apply and how do you work them out?

Level 1 is pre-GCSE

Level 2 is GCSE/ National Diploma

Level 3 is Higher Diploma, A Level or undergraduate.

Don't feel constrained by this rough guide - feel free to hop about to find your own way.

We don't provide a blog or a forum - it is meant as stimulus or starting point for you to argue amongst yourselves, or with yourself. However, if you notice any typos or errors of fact, or if you think something important is missing, feel free to notify us - We don't need to know what you think or how you vote - we do just need to know that you are thinking and that you will vote. Don't just passively pay the price then regret it; inspect the goods and ask questions.

You can read on line, section at a time, or download the whole text as a pdf.


level one

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3650 words, reading age 12.5 upwards

level two

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4724 words, reading age 14 upwards


level three

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6904 words, reading age 15 upwards